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American Football Stadium


(Algonquin College)

IMPORTANT information below for everyone coming onto the College and inside our facility:


COVID-19 Self Screening & Passport

COVID-19 Self Screening

The Ontario Ministry of Health has provided guidance for businesses and organizations that includes a recommendation that workplaces should implement screening for any workers or essential visitors entering the work environment.

The College has adapted the use of our AC Mobile Safety App to be able to support daily self-screening for all employees and students who are required to come to campuses. Commencing on November 9, 2020 any persons entering College campuses will be required, on a daily basis, to demonstrate that they have self-screened through either the use of the app or by answering questions using a paper-based form at the designated public entrances.

COVID-19 Vaccine Passport

The College HS 16 Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Addendum requires that College  community members provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination to attend in-person activities. This policy responds to public health requirements that post-secondary institutions establish policies that require proof of full COVID-19 vaccination for persons attending in-person activities on Campus.

The purpose of this Policy is twofold: (i) to help ensure the safety and well-being of the College community through vaccination against COVID-19, complementing existing infection prevention and control measures, and (ii) to promote education and awareness regarding vaccination.

The College has implemented the use of a digital, proof of vaccination feature within the AC Mobile Safety App. Individuals attending in-person activities are required to upload documentation confirming their vaccination status.


This information and app required can be found here:


This means that everyone coming to our facility has to be double vaccinated 12 years and aboveEveryone including kids 11 and under will have to fill out the daily assessment form on the same app.  If anyone has a medical exemption they will have to submit it for an approval process to Security through the app. Please make sure everyone does this early enough as it takes 3-5 days for Security to process and approve everything.


We will not be allowing spectators inside the facility. Parents are to do a pick-up and drop-off outside the facility. Everyone will only be able to access the facility by the main doors and we will have a security checkpoint as everyone enters the building (this is where you show the app). If you do not have the required app or paperwork, you will not have access to the facility – no exceptions.


We will be adjusting our 10 minute transitions to 15 minutes to ensure everyone gets out safely and we stay within our capacity restrictions. I will be in touch with everyone to confirm the exact times and adjustments if needed. The Dome capacity is 100. This number cannot be exceeded. If or when we hear of this being increased, I will be sure to notify you immediately.


Mask requirements are mandatory for everyone. The only time someone can remove their mask is while they are engaging in an activity or to drink water. This means coaches need to wear one at all times. This must be enforced through every rental as well as we will be monitoring this.

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