Helping to improve and develop young athletes on and off the field.


1. Join the family
Your child will experience a family first approach, which is why our program offers 24/7 365 support for all our CFi athletes at no extra cost.
2. Create your a-ha moments
Your child will learn football in ways that kids really get. All of which makes those magical, a-ha moments happen much more often. For everyone.
3. Become better
You’ll have a proven program that allows your child to become a better athlete, not just on the field but off the field while being guided by our coaching mentors.
“Attending CFI’s program was one of the best decisions I ever made for my football career. The coaching CFI provided took my game to the next level”
Yann Ky

#CFIFAMILY Alumni, Current U. Queens Athlete

We offer Two Select Athlete Development Programs                 Ages 7-12 (Junior) & 13+ (Senior)

We love helping athletes do what they love..
The most powerful coaching tools are the ones athletes love to use. Our junior & senior development programs will expand what’s possible on the football field and beyond. Our program opens up new opportunities for learning and will help capture your child’s attention like never before so they can improve their game on the field.
Teaching football fundamentals
Throwing. Catching. Running. Equals = Fundamentals.


Football fundamentals are essential in helping our Junior/Senior Athletes thrive at the game. That’s why we’ve created this simple yet comprehensive “Select AthleteDevelopment Program where everyone learns real-life lessons from our coaching mentors (CFL, NFL, NCAA & CIS – UOttawa Athletes). Our coaching mentors will guide your child every step of the way so that it makes it easy for them to learn the who, what, why of their positions and how to apply it in game situations.

Tactical, Technique & Deployment
Magical Practical Balance.
We’re making our programs as easy to deploy as they are to use. It’s never been easier to put our proven tactical system in the hands of the athletes we work with. We’ve simplified the process so you can enroll your child quickly, start learning the latest techniques in ways your child has never been taught before, and seamlessly see improvements on the field almost instantly.
Hemlet not required
The focus is on developing your skill without the use of helmets or pads.
Learn with friends
We encourage you to share with your friends. Studies have shown that playing with friends makes it more fun and engaging for young kids.
Program length

Jan 11 2019 – March 28 2019

10 Week Program

Equipment needed
Your cleats, mouth guard (optional) and waterbottle. We provide the jersey/shorts.
Different positions
All athletes will have the chance to develop skills on the offensive and defensive side in order to fully understand the game.
Program time

Saturday’s 2:00-4:00pm (Senior)

Saturday’s 2:00-3:30pm (Junior)


UOttawa Gee-Gees Field (Dome)

Your Investment


$300 (Upfront) or $350 (Easy-Pay-Plan) 

05-05 Save money by paying upfront (or…) 

05-053 Easy-Payments $100/$100/$150

05-05 10-1 Coaching Ratio (Mentoring)

05-05 18hrs+ Instruction + Video Analysis

05-05 24/7 365 Family Support


$600 (Upfront) or $650 (Easy-Pay-Plan) 

05-05Save money by paying upfront (or…)

05-05  3 Easy-Payments $200/$200/$250

05-05 5-1 Coaching Ratio (Mentoring)

05-05 24hrs+ Instruction + Video Analysis

05-05 24/7 365 Family Support